Always an Open Door

"With what shall I come before God, and bow myself before God on high? God has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does God require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:6,8)

Sometimes an open door is all you need. You're not looking for a church to tell you its own version of right and wrong.

Reconnect your spirit without disconnecting your mind.

You're not looking for a church that has all the answers. Or a church that includes only the right kind of people. You're looking for a church where you can bring your doubts,your questions, your fears, and find a welcoming, open community willing to share them.

The doors to our churches are always open and within, you will find a quiet place for prayer and a nurturing community ready to help you find your voice and your vocation to the world in Christ's name. Come and see.

The Season of Preparation - Advent

There are signs of God’s presence all around us. We just don’t see them! The reasons why abound, especially in these four weeks leading up to Christmas. This is the season of Advent – time the church has set aside for us to prepare for Christmas. Not with pre-dawn Black Friday frenzies at Walmart, accompanied by pepper spraying, fist wielding shoppers battling to get to the limited supply of whatever is on the shelves, but with a concerted effort to slow down and wait.

If you’re fed up with Christmas by December 25th, you’re not doing Advent correctly

Advent is about the joy of anticipating Christmas, preparing our homes and our lives for the coming of the One who will reconcile all things to God. It is an expectant, hopeful, joyful time. The enjoyment of a journey is certainly about anticipating the arrival at the destination, but is so much more enhanced when we pay attention to the places and people we meet on the way, to things we experience that change us and fill us with joy and awe in each moment of the trip, so that we arrive at our destination prepared for a deeper appreciation of that moment with joy to spare and share.

The journey through Advent to Christmas is like that; enjoying the people, the quiet moments, and the visions of God we discover along the way so that when we finally arrive at Christmas Eve, we will have quieted our souls and shared our hearts enough that sharing the joy of the heart of the Child who was born for us will be effortless. The world can wait. Hearts cannot. There is joy, and peace, and hope enough for all, everyday, if we slow down, watch, and wait.

It's in the Bag! Needs You!

It's in the Bag! is growing and needs your help to provide food for at-risk children in the elementary schools of Garrett County. Your donation in any amount will help feed a hungry child over the weekend during the school year. Children who are well fed over the weekend show up at school on Monday ready to learn and studies show that these children do better when they are well nourished. A donation of $280 will feed a child for the entire school year. We're working to raise $15,000 between now and the start of the new school year. Will you help? Click on the donate button and you will be responsible for a child ready to be educated and grow.

May Christ, the Morning Star who knows no setting, find your light ever burning - he who gives his light to all creation, and who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

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February 7, 2012

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